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Fee Schedule

Overdraft $25.00/item
NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds)$25.00/item
Copy of Check$5.00/Copy
Returned Item$15.00/Item
Stop Payment$15.00/Request
Check PrintingPrices vary depending on check style
Account Activity Printout$2.00/Printout
Account Reconciliation$20.00/Hour
Account Research/Verification$20.00/Hour
Cashier’s Check$5.00/Check
Deposited Item Return$15.00/Item
Dormant Account$1.00/Month after 1 year
Money Order$1.00/Money Order
Non-Member Check Cashing$5.00/Item
NotaryNo Fee
Official Check$1.00/Check
Returned Mail$2.00
Signature Guarantee(Medallion)$5.00
VISA Card Replacement$7.00/Card
VISA Gift Card$3.00/Card
Wire Transfer (Incoming)$5.00/Transfer
Wire Transfer (Outgoing)$15.00/Transfer
Wire Transfer
Account Closure$5.00 (if within 90 days of opening)
Foreign Check Processing (Foreign bank fees may apply)$25.00/Item
Account Escheat$25.00
Levy/Garnishment/Court Order (Attorney fees may also apply)$25.00
IRA Account Transfer Fee (To another institution)$25.00
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