Fee Schedule

(*Fees last revised and effective January 1, 2024)

Overdraft $25.00/item
NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds)$25.00/item
Copy of Check$5.00/copy
Returned Item$25.00/item
Stop Payment$25.00/request
Check PrintingPrices vary depending on check style
Account Activity Printout$2.00/printout
Account Reconciliation$25.00
Account Research/Verification$25.00
Cashier’s Check$5.00/check
Deposited Item Return$25.00/item
Money Order$1.00/money order
Non-Member Check Cashing$5.00/item
NotaryNo Fee
Official Check$5.00/check
Returned Mail$2.00
Signature Guarantee(Medallion)$5.00
VISA Card Replacement$10.00/card
VISA Gift Card (plastic)$3.50/card
VISA Gift Card (virtual)$2.50/card
Wire Transfer (Incoming)$15.00/transfer
Wire Transfer (Outgoing)$25.00/transfer
Wire Transfer
Account Closure$5.00 (if within 90 days of opening)
Foreign Check Processing (Foreign bank fees may apply)$25.00/item
Account Escheat$25.00
Levy/Garnishment/Court Order (Attorney fees may also apply)$25.00
ACH Early Posting Fee$10.00/item
IRA Account Transfer Fee (To another institution)$25.00

Our Hermitage branch is temporarily located at 568 S. Hermitage Rd. during the construction of our new building. Our Sharon location at 428 N. Sharpsville Avenue is also open to serve you. Thank you.