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Virus Alert

Information-Stealing Virus.

The Credit Union is aware of a possible software virus that could affect the computers of members using home banking. Mercer County Community FCU servers are not the source of this virus.

The virus can be difficult to track and detect. It targets financial institutions in order to try and steal their customers’ information. It mimics secure sites and directs home banking users to enter their personal information.

Your computer may be affected if you see a screen like the one below. At the top of the window is a paragraph that typically reads “We do not recognize the computer you are using. To continue with Online Banking, please provide the information requested below.” Here is what this virus may look like on your screen:

Remember, the Credit Union will never ask for account information to verify your identity, such as:

•Credit Card Number
•Debit Card Number or security code
•Expiration Dates
•Card PIN
•Social Security Number
•Date of Birth

What you should do if you see this (or similar) page:

If you see a page requesting such information, do not proceed, do not enter information, do not click any links or buttons. If you see such a page then you potentially have a virus on your computer and it is recommended that you consult a computer specialist and/or use anti-virus software to remove the virus before attempting to access home banking.

If you have encountered this or any fraudulent page described above, please notify us by contacting us at 724-342-2246 or 724-981-9410.

MCCFCU Home Banking and Bill Pay saves you time.

Access your Credit Union account  from the convenience of your home and personal computer. You may access your account using our Internet Home Banking Service at any time, 7 days a week, and 24 hours a day using standard PC internet access.

Once you complete the application for enrollment at one of our convenient offices, just use the link from our web  page to get to the login page. You login with your personal identification number (PIN) which ensures that your transactions are safe and secure.


  • Transfer within your account.
  • Transfer to or from a linked account.
  • Request a withdrawal.
  • View your share and loan account balances.
  • Access the transaction history on your account.
  • Pay your bills.


Sign up for eStatements for your Credit Union accounts!

In today’s busy world, somtimes you don’t have time to wait for the mail to receive your Credit Union  account statement. Now,  you can have your statement electronically sent to you.

It’s fast and easy….they  are available 24 hours a day, 7 days  a week, anytime!  You will receive an email telling you that your statement is ready to be picked up. SIGN UP TODAY!

It’s safe and secure when you use your PIN (personal identification number) to access your statement. If you elect to receive an eStatement, you will no longer receive  your statement in the mail.

Applications for eStatements are available at both Credit Union offices.

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